Updated October 6, 2020

“In many situations when you or your loved ones are in a dire situation, accused of a crime, asking for bail bond immediately might not be the best course of action”, a Personal Injury Attorney San Antonio says.  As no one wants to spend time in jail and paying the bail bond by yourself proves to be too much for your financial situation, sometimes the best thing to do is to stay put and call for help from a professional.

Saving Money 101 – Make a budget

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-Compare prices

-Make use of coupon codes

-Bribe in live chat (yes really)

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Hiring a Bail Bond Agent.

Many agencies will provide the amount that you need to avoid incarceration. And depending on the case or the crime that you’ve committed that amount can be absurd. So how to avoid spending too much money on bail bonds? Look for bail bond agency that will offer a better solution than paying for you get out of jail card. They should get you other options as well. Making the most of any situation requires understanding the rules. Legal advice on how to resolve your problem can save you a lot of money, so make sure that you hire a good agency.

Hiring a Lawyer.

Bail Bond TipsIn many cases, it’s best to hire a lawyer whose expertise lays in bail bond situations. If you have a court session scheduled only days after your incarceration, it’s wise to sit and wait and ask for a bail bond on that day. This is advised for many reasons but mainly because if you request for a bail bond immediately, the judge might increase the amount of bail bond on the day of your trial. And there is nothing you, your lawyer or your bail bond agency can do to save your money. Another reason is that the judge can easily decrease the penalty on the day of your trial, if you have a good lawyer, in the case that you didn’t previously request for a bail bond.

Asking for a Friend to Bail You Out.

If you are asking for a loan to pay your bail from a bail bond agency, make sure that you don’t involve your friends. Bail bond agents will create a contract that will in some cases involve your friend’s financial help. This will occur if your financial situation isn’t eligible for creating the contract. So either make sure that your friend is comfortable with the fact that they will “step in” a couple of hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you sign the contract.

Bail Bond Tips

Asking for this kind of financial help from your friend is never a pleasant thing to do, but at least you will know who your true friends are.