What you need to know about criminal law

You get arrested, and you have no clue on what to do and who to call. You might be tempted to call a lawyer, and you might not even need one. You might just waste money when you could have saved it with a bit of knowledge about the law. Now, here is a lecture that is full of answers to questions many people ask.
Answers to questions people frequently ask

Getting arrested and falsely accused is something that happens more often than you might think. Some cases end with the closure due to the lack of the evidence, but not all of them end like that. The idea that you are innocent until proven guilty is false as police deem you guilty until you are proven innocent. People have served their sentences even though they did nothing wrong and that is why you should always hire a defense lawyer. They will ensure that every piece of evidence is properly checked and that you are innocent without the doubt. Police don’t trust anyone so be sure to hire a lawyer when you get falsely accused.

The process of getting arrested and going into the courtroom is long, and you don’t have to hire a lawyer at the very beginning. The police have to write a report and talk with possible witnesses and run a background check on you before they submit the paper to the prosecutor. That prosecutor can decide to pursue the case, or they can choose to discard it. You should let the police do their work and not answer any of their questions that might be misleading. If the prosecutor decides to pursue the lawsuit, then you should hire a lawyer.

Other questions that require answering

Many people fail to differentiate between misdemeanor and felony and thus many questions focus on that. Misdemeanor cases are light, and the guilty person can get up to two years in jail. It covers simple crimes like abandoning the scene of an accident, negligent operation, first and second DUI offense that doesn’t include any serious bodily injury or death.

Felony is a serious criminal offense, and the guilty party can end up in jail for the indefinite amount of time (no less than two years). It includes, among other things, murder, grand larceny, DUI that causes serious injury or death and so on. If you end up in the court for a felony, it’s smart to hire a good lawyer as they can reduce the punishment (if you are guilty then you won’t be able to avoid it).

Drugs may play a part in the criminal offense, and the court system recognizes that. Some people wonder how the fact that they were under the influence of drugs affects the court process. Well, being under the influence of drugs will help you as you will probably go through drug programs to get rid of the addiction. Do note that if you commit felonies, the sentence won’t disappear, you will have to serve jail time for the crime you committed (the jail time may be reduced).